William Lisle Bowles

Standard Name: Bowles, William Lisle


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Dedications Louisa Stuart Costello
LSC published Songs of a Stranger, a volume which she dedicated to the Rev. William Lisle Bowles , who was famous for his sonnets.
Costello, Louisa Stuart. Songs of a Stranger. Published for the author by Taylor and Hessey.
Friends, Associates Louisa Stuart Costello
LSC made many friends in England, notably including the baronet and politician Sir Francis Burdett , his wife Lady Burdett (born Sophia Coutts, member of a famous banking family), and their youngest daughter, who later...
Intertextuality and Influence Charlotte Smith
The many editions of CS 's sonnets attest to their popularity. In one she mentions having to get back from friends the original manuscripts of poems which she had not bothered to keep. Her sonnets...
Literary responses Charlotte Smith
Coleridge , in the preface to the second edition of his Poems, named CS and William Lisle Bowles as having served the cause of poetry by reviving the sonnet.
Fletcher, Loraine. Charlotte Smith: A Critical Biography. Macmillan.
Occupation Mary Stockdale
She ran this business until 1833. Among the works she published were her own later writings, a number of religious titles, and other books such as William Lisle Bowles 's The Little Villager's Verse Book...


By June 1789: William Lisle Bowles published Fourteen Sonnets,...

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By June 1789

William Lisle Bowles published Fourteen Sonnets, Elegiac and Descriptive, Written during a Tour.

By June 1796: Samuel Taylor Coleridge compiled a booklet...

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By June 1796

Samuel Taylor Coleridge compiled a booklet titled Sonnets from Various Authors: four each by himself, Southey , Charles Lamb , and Charles Lloyd , two by Charlotte Smith , and one each by seven more writers including Anna Seward .


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