Charles Lloyd

Standard Name: Lloyd, Charles


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Family and Intimate relationships Mary Hays
Her relationship with him had not been approved by her family since the young people had nothing much between them to live on. It had been fed by illicit correspondence, but MH had striven to...
Friends, Associates Mary Hays
After Wollstonecraft's death, and Fenwick's departure from England, it seems unlikely that MH found female friends to replace them, though she knew well such people as Elizabeth Inchbald , Anna Letitia Barbauld , and Charles
Literary responses Mary Hays
This time most reviews were respectful: the Analytical of course, the Monthly (in which William Taylor noted that the novel was a cut above the common run, with serious and unusual moral teaching to impart)...
Publishing Alicia Tyndal Palmer
Her title-page quotes a wish voiced on 1 December 1814 in the House of Lords that it were possible to summon Sobieski to attend the Congress of Vienna which was even then deciding the political...


By June 1796: Samuel Taylor Coleridge compiled a booklet...

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By June 1796

Samuel Taylor Coleridge compiled a booklet titled Sonnets from Various Authors: four each by himself, Southey , Charles Lamb , and Charles Lloyd , two by Charlotte Smith , and one each by seven more writers including Anna Seward .


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