Thomas Pringle

Standard Name: Pringle, Thomas


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Cultural formation Susanna Moodie
In her late twenties, Susanna met Thomas Pringle , Methodist secretary of the Anti-Slavery Society in England, who influenced her involvement with the abolitionist movement and her decision to join a Nonconformist congregation near Reydon...
Employer Mary Prince
MP went to work for the family of Thomas Pringle , secretary of the Anti-Slavery Society .
Prince, Mary, and Ziggi Alexander. The History of Mary Prince, a West Indian Slave. Editor Ferguson, Moira, Pandora.
Family and Intimate relationships Susanna Moodie
Susanna Strickland met her future husband, John Moodie , through a friend, poet-cum-literary-agent Thomas Pringle .
Gray, Charlotte. Sisters in the Wilderness: The Lives of Susanna Moodie and Catharine Parr Traill. Viking.
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The Concise Dictionary of National Biography: From Earliest Times to 1985. Oxford University Press.
Thurston, John. “‘The Casket of Truth’: The Social Significance of Susanna Moodie’s Spiritual Dilemmas”. Canadian Poetry, Vol.
Literary responses Mary Prince
On the one hand the re-issues indicate that MP 's book was popular; on the other hand a rash of virulent attacks, both published and through the law-courts, shows that it had hit powerful economic...
Publishing Sarah Stickney Ellis
After this and a few other poorly selling ventures in privately printed material, SSE followed the advice of a friend and contacted the publisher Thomas Pringle , secretary of the Anti-Slavery Society , who offered...
Reception Mary Prince
The aftermath dragged on. Thomas Pringle of the Anti-Slavery Society , who had published MP 's work, sued Thomas Cadell , London publisher of Blackwood's; the man who claimed ownership of MP sued Pringle for libel.


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Prince, Mary, and Susanna Moodie. The History of Mary Prince, a West Indian Slave. Editor Pringle, Thomas, F. Westley and A.H. Davis; Waugh and Innes, 1831.