Henry Peet

Standard Name: Peet, Henry


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Family and Intimate relationships Annie Tinsley
AT 's father, Thomas Milner Turner, contributed personally to Annie's education. But when she was eight he decided that he wanted to be a strolling actor, and in pursuit of this impracticable dream he spent...
Author summary Annie Tinsley
AT began as a poet and was forced by financial need to become a novelist and short-story writer. The antiquarian Henry Peet lists thirteen principal works; others appeared in local periodicals, and some are untraced.
Textual Production Annie Tinsley
She left several hundred letters to Henry Peet with a view to publication, but they were heavily edited and thinned out by a member of her family before he received them.
Peet, Henry. Mrs. Charles Tinsley, Novelist and Poet. Butler and Tanner, 1930.


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