F. J. Harvey Darton

Standard Name: Darton, F. J. Harvey


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Literary responses Eliza Fenwick
Scholar Lissa Paul argues that the advertising element has denied this book due consideration by critics of early writing for children.
Paul, Lissa. “Eliza Fenwick—Forgotten in Histories of Schooling”. British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (BSECS) 35th Annual Conference, Oxford.
Paul, Lissa. The Children’s Book Business. Routledge.
Among such critics, she points out, F. J. Harvey Darton calls Visits to...
Literary responses Ann Taylor Gilbert
The Critical Review gave the second volume five words: Very good in their way.
Critical Review. W. Simpkin and R. Marshall.
3d ser. 6 (1805): 333
William Godwin set his difficult stepson Charles Clairmont, aged eleven, to learn ATG 's My Mother...
Textual Production Mary Martha Sherwood
F. J. Harvey Darton published a new and different selection of MMS 's autobiography and diaries from that already published posthumously by her daughter Sophia Kelly , as The Life and Times of Mrs. Sherwood...


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Darton, F. J. Harvey, editor. The Life and Times of Mrs. Sherwood. Wells Gardner, Darton, 1910.