Sir John Fielding

Standard Name: Fielding, Sir John


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Family and Intimate relationships Sarah Fielding
Sarah's younger full brother, Edmund, became a soldier and left few traces of his life. Her half-brother, John , born eleven years after her, was left blind by an accident when he was nineteen. He...
Occupation Henry Fielding
The following year he began his campaign against organised crime in London, in which he was joined and later succeeded by his younger half-brother John . They set up the Bow Street Runners...
Textual Features Ann Thicknesse
An introduction explains that this book, although called a novel, will not deal in pathetic tales of love, marvellous prodigies, or even . . . elegant flights of fancy, but only plain simple facts...
Wealth and Poverty Sarah Fielding
In later years she received financial aid from her half-brother Sir John Fielding (who paid her £20 most years from 1761), from Ralph Allen (who left her a legacy of £100 in August 1764), and...


12 August 1752: Justice John Fielding defined the crime of...

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12 August 1752

Justice John Fielding defined the crime of apprentices caught putting on an unlicensed play as mere unlawful assembly; they got off with a reprimand.

1 May 1758: Sir John Fielding, magistrate, questioned...

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1 May 1758

Sir John Fielding , magistrate, questioned twenty-five women rounded up from bawdy houses in Hedge Lane in London, and recorded their answers.

10 August 1758: The Magdalen Hospital (for fallen women)...

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10 August 1758

The Magdalen Hospital (for fallen women) opened in Prescot Street, London, after a considerable campaign to influence public opinion.

26 March 1768: Lord Baltimore (Frederick, the sixth baron,...

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26 March 1768

Lord Baltimore (Frederick, the sixth baron , who was known for his promiscuity and was said to admire the Islamic system of harems) was acquitted (with two female accessories) of raping a Methodist or Independent


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