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Literary responses Jane Austen
Janine Barchas has recently perceived, alongside the novel's detailed specificity of topographical reference to Bath, a specific allusion in the certainty of John Thorpe and General Tilney that Catherine Morland must be an heiress. The...
Publishing Eliza Haywood
This may have been an expanded version of the unpublished collection The Danger of Giving Way to Passion, in Five Exemplary Novels.
Spedding, Patrick. A Bibliography of Eliza Haywood. Pickering and Chatto.
Volume one features an elegant portrait of EH by Jacques Parmentier
Publishing Sarah Scott
A fuller title is A Description of Millenium Hall, and the Country Adjacent; Together with the Characters of the Inhabitants, And such Historical Anecdotes and Reflections . . . . The author is described as...
Reception Jane Austen
Modern criticism of Austen, now remarkably rich and varied, may be seen as having begun with a monograph by Mary Lascelles , Jane Austen and her Art, 1939, which was also the first to...
Textual Production Eliza Haywood
The second volume followed on 26 October 1725. Both were published at Dublin as well; both apparently circulated in manuscript before publication.
Spedding, Patrick. A Bibliography of Eliza Haywood. Pickering and Chatto.
211-12, 213
Gerrard, Christine. Aaron Hill: The Muses’ Projector 1685-1750. Oxford University Press.
The work's authorship had been implied on later works by...


10 May to 14 August 1813: The British Institution held a retrospective...

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10 May to 14 August 1813

The British Institution held a retrospective exhibition of 141 paintings by Sir Joshua Reynolds at its Pall Mall Picture Galleries: a major event of the social season, both cultural and patriotic.
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