Anna Comnena

Standard Name: Comnena, Anna


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Intertextuality and Influence Elizabeth Barrett Browning
The authorial voice is forthright about the poet's own desire to be a literary trail-blazer for womankind, and she is already defining that task in terms of rejection of the domestic. She also has a...
Textual Features Julia Kristeva
Again Stéphanie Delacourt and Northrop Rilsky, held tightly under the control of a third-person narrator, address themselves to mystery-solving. JK quotes Delacourt, who revels in neologisms, taking as her motto Je me voyage (I travel...
Textual Features Elizabeth Sophia Tomlins
EST wrote a verse dedication of this novel to the poet William Hayley , with allusions which show her to be well acquainted with his writings. She addresses him as a patron of writing women...


By 1148: Anna Comnena finished the fifteen books of...

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By 1148

Anna Comnena finished the fifteen books of her Alexias, a history of the career and reign of her father, Alexius Comnenus , Emperor of Constantinople.

1780: In his poem An Essay on History, in three...

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In his poemAn Essay on History, in three epistles to Edward Gibbon, William Hayley praised the ancient historian Anna Comnena .
Tomlins, Elizabeth Sophia. The Victim of Fancy. Pickering and Chatto.

By early October 1930: London publisher Gerald Howe issued a composite...

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By early October 1930

London publisher Gerald Howe issued a composite biography entitled Six Women of the World, which had previously made up six volumes in a Representative Women series, 1927-9.


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