Mary Jane Godwin

Standard Name: Godwin, Mary Jane
Used Form: M. J. Godwin


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Employer Eliza Fenwick
EF , still writing and publishing little books for children, also ran the Juvenile Library (a bookshop) for William and Mary Jane Godwin .
Grundy, Isobel, and Eliza Fenwick. “Introduction and Appendices”. Secresy, 2ndnd ed, Broadview, pp. 7 - 34, 361.
Family and Intimate relationships Mary Shelley
Godwin's second wife, Mary Jane Clairmont , had a chequered past history. The two children she brought to her marriage were probably born outside wedlock, and perhaps had different fathers.
Jump, Harriet Devine. “Monstrous Stepmother: Mary Shelley and Mary Jane Godwin”. Women’s Writing, Vol.
, No. 3, pp. 297-08.
She was a devoted...
Family and Intimate relationships William Godwin
He was already famous (or, to some, infamous) for his writings when he and Mary Wollstonecraft became lovers in August 1796. They married on 29 March 1797 (although both of them disapproved of the institution...
Family and Intimate relationships William Godwin
Having married Mary Jane Clairmont in 1801, Godwin acquired two stepchildren to add to Wollstonecraft's two daughters. Mary Jane was a skilled translator who had worked for Benjamin Tabart in the children's-book trade. She and...
Friends, Associates Caroline Norton
CN found solace and political support in other friendships. Lawyer Abraham Hayward and MP Thomas Noon Talfourd became her allies in her attempts to change the law on custody of children, and gossip soon alleged...
Friends, Associates Lady Caroline Lamb
LCL was for most of her adult life a good friend of Sydney Morgan , to whom she confided many stories of her childhood and youth, which Morgan preserved in her diaries. She later helped...
Material Conditions of Writing Eliza Fenwick
Charlotte Smith knew of this work-in-progress on 26 July 1800, when she told Mary Hays how she wished she could help EF with money or moral support. On 31 October 1801 Hays noted that Thomas Underwood
Occupation William Godwin
WG and his second wife, Mary Jane Godwin , set up the Juvenile Library (a shop selling children's books and school supplies), and a publishing house to supply stock for it.
Their shop had the...
Occupation William Godwin
William Godwin and his second wife, Mary Jane , moved their children's bookshop, the Juvenile Library , to a new address, 41 Skinner Street.
Grundy, Isobel, and Eliza Fenwick. “Introduction and Appendices”. Secresy, 2ndnd ed, Broadview, pp. 7 - 34, 361.
13-14 and n20
Bracken, James K., and Joel Silver, editors. Dictionary of Literary Biography 154. Gale Research.
Occupation William Godwin
The publishing firm and shop called the Juvenile Library , run by William Godwin and his second wife, Mary Jane , which had traded at 195 The Strand since 1817, was bankrupted by the crash...
Publishing Eliza Fenwick
Another of EF 's children's books, Lessons for Children, first appeared in 1809 and went through a number of editions as well as a French translation published by M. J. Godwin in 1820.
OCLC WorldCat. Accessed 1999.
Grundy, Isobel, and Eliza Fenwick. “Introduction and Appendices”. Secresy, 2ndnd ed, Broadview, pp. 7 - 34, 361.
Publishing Mary Lamb
Mary Jane Godwin (whom Charles and Mary Lamb disliked and called privately Bad Baby) published their prose Tales from Shakespear : Designed for the Use of Young Persons, with Charles's name only, though...
Publishing Mary Lamb
In early 1805 it seems, after Charles Lamb had already produced a children's book for the Godwins' new Juvenile Library , Mary Jane Godwin asked ML (who was not known as an author, though she...
Textual Production Mary Lamb
The publisher was again Mary Jane Godwin of the Juvenile Library Seven of the ten stories were by Mary; again the book bore only Charles's name (which has affected its listing in library catalogues). The...
Textual Production Mary Shelley
On Godwin's death the publisher Henry Colburn commissioned a memoir of him to be written by Mary Jane Godwin with MS 's collaboration. They were still working on this project three or even four years...


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