Frances Gregg

Standard Name: Gregg, Frances


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Family and Intimate relationships H. D.
The two quickly began a romantic relationship that would be on and off again for ten years despite the disapproval of HD's father. Pound proposed for the first time in 1905 and was accepted. This...
Family and Intimate relationships H. D.
HD in turn gaveHilda's Book to her intimate friend Frances Gregg . The book was later found in Gregg's bombed-out flat in London during the Second World War. It was published along with End...
Family and Intimate relationships H. D.
HD and Frances Gregg met through a mutual friend, Mary Herr , probably in 1910. HD later wrote that Gregg filled the gap in my Philadelphia life after Ezra was gone. . . . Maybe...
Family and Intimate relationships H. D.
Bryher, the illegitimate daughter of wealthy shipping magnate Sir John Ellerman , had developed an interest in HD after reading her poetry, and wrote to her requesting a meeting. She had obtained HD's address from...
Literary responses H. D.
The volume was favourably reviewed in Poetry by John Gould Fletcher , who said that HD had the artist's vision of a mystic and had perfectly fused form and substance.
Marek, Jayne E. Women Editing Modernism: "Little" Magazines & Literary History. University Press of Kentucky.
In a copy that...
Residence H. D.
With Frances Gregg and Gregg's mother, H. D. travelled to Europe for what was intended to be a short visit. However, she decided not to return to America with the Greggs at the end of...
Textual Features H. D.
Critic Dianne Chisholm calls this book an autobiographical fiction in the genre of case history narrative, and argues that it employs the discourse of hysteria
Chisholm, Dianne. H.D.’s Freudian Poetics. Cornell University Press.
Finding no semiotic system that represents her experience, no...
Textual Features Dora Marsden
A marked difference separating The New Freewoman from its predecessor was its increased literary content, at first secured mainly by Rebecca West . West recruited Ezra Pound to The New Freewoman after meeting him at...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text H. D.
These date from 1921-2 and (like their successor, HERmione, written in 1927 and published as Her in 1981), are romans à clef. They trace the events of HD's emotional life (she appears as Hermione...


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