John Gould Fletcher

Standard Name: Fletcher, John Gould


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Friends, Associates H. D.
After her move to England, Ezra Pound introduced HD to his circle of friends, many of whom were important figures in the modernist movement. They included W. B. Yeats , T. S. Eliot ,...
Literary responses Laura Riding
Allen Tate praised the volume in the New Republic, prophesying a brilliant future for Riding. When John Gould Fletcher in The Criterion called her poems derivative, Graves wrote to criticise both Fletcher for being...
Literary responses H. D.
The volume was favourably reviewed in Poetry by John Gould Fletcher , who said that HD had the artist's vision of a mystic and had perfectly fused form and substance.
Marek, Jayne E. Women Editing Modernism: "Little" Magazines & Literary History. University Press of Kentucky.
In a copy that...
Textual Features Dora Marsden
While Marsden was away from London and often concerned with her own work on egoist and linguistic philosophy, these new contributors made a growing impact on the journal. Ezra Pound soon had full authority over...
Textual Production H. D.
During her London years HD also did important work (with Amy Lowell and Richard Aldington ) on the three Imagist anthologies of 1915-17, and with the latter she edited the Poets' Translation Series for the...


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