Samuel Alexander

Standard Name: Alexander, Samuel
Used Form: Professor Alexander


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Friends, Associates Alison Uttley
By the time AU 's mentor, Professor Alexander, died (deeply upset about Hitler's rule in Germany), she had met another father-figure and important friend, the poet Walter de la Mare . She also developed friendships...
Instructor Dora Marsden
She took classes in Latin, English Language, History, Pure Maths, Geography, Music Theory, and Philosophy (under the celebrated philosopher Samuel Alexander ). At the same time she took a teacher training course at Manchester Day...
Instructor Alison Uttley
At Manchester, AU lived in the women's residence, Ashburne House. Formative teachers in her life included Hilda Oakeley
Oakeley, a Somerville College graduate and a close friend of Eleanor Rathbone , had a great impact...
Intertextuality and Influence Alison Uttley
In 1927, AU met her former teacher Professor Alexander and he (mistaking her, in fact, for somebody else) asked whether she was writing. This seemed like the permission she craved, and within a year she...
Literary responses Dora Marsden
DM sent her book to trusted readers before and after its publication. Her former instructor Samuel Alexander (who had published Space, Time and the Deity in 1920) advised against publication, telling her that the text...
Material Conditions of Writing Alison Uttley
The spur to this book was AU 's encounter with her former teacher Professor Alexander in 1927. She wrote it in secret, full of excitement, working so hard that she exhausted herself.
Judd, Denis. Alison Uttley. Michael Joseph.
She discovered...
politics Alison Uttley
By the 1930s AU 's politics had become fervently patriotric: she was a firm supporter of Ramsay MacDonald 's National Coalition Government, elected on 26 August 1931. Over the next few years her dread of...


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