Sarah Aguilar

Standard Name: Aguilar, Sarah
Used Form: Sarah (Dias Fernandes) Aguilar


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Family and Intimate relationships Grace Aguilar
According to the matriarchal traditions of her culture, Sarah (Dias Fernandes) Aguilar
The name is sometimes spelled Diaz.
passed on to Grace the oral traditions of the Sephardic crypto-Jews' experiences of the expulsion and the...
Health Grace Aguilar
GA and her mother left England for Germany, to seek a consultation with an eminent German physician about Grace's condition.
Aguilar, Grace. An Archive of Her Letters.
6 April 1848: 4
Hall, Anna Maria, and Frederick William Fairholt. Pilgrimages to English Shrines. Arthur Hall, Virtue.
Health Grace Aguilar
GA and her mother repaired to the steel baths at Schwalbach for several weeks, still hoping her health would improve; thereafter they returned to Frankfurt, where she lived only a few weeks longer.
Aguilar, Grace. An Archive of Her Letters.
(6 April 1848): 4-6
Intertextuality and Influence Grace Aguilar
Much of GA 's early professional writing grew out of her religious faith. Her religious books were inspired, in part, by her concern over the lack of Jewish instructional texts written in English, especially compared...
Occupation Grace Aguilar
GA and her mother were running a small private boarding school in Hackney for boys aged four to ten; subjects included Religion, English, and Hebrew.
Abrahams, Beth-Zion. “Grace Aguilar: A Centenary Tribute”. Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society of England, Vol.
, pp. 137-48.
Textual Features Grace Aguilar
The Days of Bruce is a melodrama about Scotland's great deliverer, Robert Bruce . It traces the fate of fourteenth-century Scotland from its impotent rage that the tyrant Edward [should] exult in the possession...
Textual Production Grace Aguilar
GA published The Perez Family, the first domestic narrative of contemporary Jewish life, for Charlotte Montefiore 's Cheap Jewish Library, a series of tracts aimed at poor London Jews.
Sarah Aguilar gives 1843...
Textual Production Grace Aguilar
GA 's early historical romance in the style of Scott , The Days of Bruce, was published posthumously by her mother .
Galchinsky, Michael. The Origin of the Modern Jewish Woman Writer. Wayne State University Press.
Shattock, Joanne. The Oxford Guide to British Women Writers. Oxford University Press.
Textual Production Grace Aguilar
Sarah Aguilar dated her preface to her collection of her daughter GA 's short fiction, Home Scenes and Heart Studies, published the following year.
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