Charlotte Montefiore

Standard Name: Montefiore, Charlotte
Birth Name: Charlotte Montefiore
Married Name: Charlotte Montefiore
Pseudonym: One Of Themselves
CM published her works during the 1840s and 1850s, largely in anonymity. Though she began her literary career by editing, funding, and contributing to a series of short stories, her belief that literature should be both useful and productive led her to abandon more creative genres in favour of essays and religious tracts. CM died young and left only a small oeuvre which includes the series of short stories, a satirical novel, and a collection of essays. All her writings addressed issues concerning Judaism, and in various ways sought to support and benefit members of her faith.


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Textual Production Grace Aguilar
GA published The Perez Family, the first domestic narrative of contemporary Jewish life, for Charlotte Montefiore 's Cheap Jewish Library, a series of tracts aimed at poor London Jews.
Sarah Aguilar gives 1843...


1859: The Jewish Board of Guardians was established...

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The Jewish Board of Guardians was established to coordinate the activities of Jewish charities in England.


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