William Henry Channing

Standard Name: Channing, William Henry


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Cultural formation Margaret Fuller
MF 's Unitarian ism introduced her to a vibrant intellectual community in Cambridge, and at a fairly young age she became a central figure in a social circle that included George Ripley , William Henry Channing
Friends, Associates Julia Ward Howe
JWH 's membership of the Boston Radical Club was an important source of literary contacts for her. Formed in the fall of 1867, the club met monthly in the home of the Reverend John T. Sargent
Literary responses Anna Swanwick
Her work was greeted with a chorus of praise from reviewers: the only quibble, from some, referred to her metrical choices. P. H. Wicksteed in the Saturday Review suggested that AS would advance the cause...
Reception Margaret Fuller
A recent biographer, John Matteson , laments the destruction and mutilation of her papers by her first memorialists, her friends Emerson , William Henry Channing and James Freeman Clarke , as constituting vandalism that has...


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