Standard Name: Boethius


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Education Julian of Norwich
Julian of Norwich may have been a learned woman; but if so it is not clear who taught her. She seems to have had a reading knowledge of Latin, and to have known the work...
Intertextuality and Influence Frances Reynolds
With this rejection of the straight line, or of the phallic, she turns to feminine sensibility on which to ground her principles of taste or of aesthetics. The remarkable result must be called a proto-feminist...
Textual Features Helen Waddell
This collection, wrote Waddell as translator, had no academic justification: it is arbitrary and unrepresentative of any author, or of any age. It reflected her despair during the months when the Second World War ceased...
Textual Production Elizabeth Carter
The work she translated was Algarotti 's Italian version of Newton 's Optics. The project of translating back from the Italian popularisation of this famous work was recommended to her by Thomas Birch ....
Textual Production Queen Elizabeth I
QEI made a verse translation from Boethius 's The Consolation of Philosophy.
Elizabeth I, Queen. The Poems of Queen Elizabeth I. Editor Bradner, Leicester, Brown University Press.
Textual Production Hester Lynch Piozzi
Soon after meeting Johnson in 1765, Hester Thrale worked with him on a translation of Boethius , which remained unpublished. They abandoned it for fear of damaging the financial interest of a poor professional author...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text U. A. Fanthorpe
The title poem is Queueing for the Sun in Walbrook. Some of her subjects here are literary: a poem about Boethius , another about Ben Jonson 's visit to Drummond of Hawthornden , a...


1494: The University of Aberdeen (also known as...

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The University of Aberdeen (also known as King's College, Aberdeen ) was founded by William Elphinstone , Bishop of Aberdeen, primarily as a school of law.


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