Samuel Clarke

Standard Name: Clarke, Samuel


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Cultural formation Catharine Macaulay
CM was an Anglican with strong ties to Dissenting reformers. Her outspoken comments on religious matters made many people suppose that she was a sceptic, but this seems not to have been the case. Later...
Education Elizabeth Burnet
During her first marriage she studied theology. She later recommended the writings of Samuel Clarke .
O’Brien, Karen. Women and Enlightenment in Eighteenth-Century Britain. Cambridge University Press.
Literary responses Elizabeth Carter
Exactly a hundred years later there appeared an academic monograph by Alice Gaussen which did justice to EC 's intellect and her historical significance. Mary Elizabeth Coleridge , reviewing this book in the Times Literary...
Textual Features Catharine Trotter
This is not only her first
Kelley, Anne. Catharine Trotter: An Early Modern Writer in the Vanguard of Feminism. Ashgate.
but also, says Karen O'Brien , her fullest engagement with the thinking of Samuel Clarke , from its opening assertion that the obligation to moral virtue is ultimately...
Textual Production Catharine Trotter
Its full title was Remarks upon the Principles and Reasonings of Dr. Rutherforth 's Essay on the Nature and Obligations of Virtue: In Vindication of the contrary Principles and Reasonings, inforced in the Writings of...


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