John Charles Walsham, first Baron Reith

Standard Name: Reith, John Charles Walsham,,, first Baron
Used Form: Lord Reith
Used Form: Sir John Reith


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Occupation Mary Agnes Hamilton
The head of the Corporation, Sir John Reith , is one of those whose character she draws in her memoirs. She mentions that women drew the same salary as men at the BBC, and compliments...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Mary Agnes Hamilton
Although she writes that [a]ccounts of childhood I do not care for. My memory of my own is bad,
Hamilton, Mary Agnes. Remembering My Good Friends. Jonathan Cape.
MAH gives a long, evocative first chapter to her parents and her childhood. She adds...


4 December 1931: The BBC announced the resignation of Hilda...

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4 December 1931

The BBC announced the resignation of Hilda Matheson , its director of talks, which she had actually submitted in October. This was the climax of a long-running struggle over a series of talks by Harold Nicolson


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