Angelica Bell

Standard Name: Bell, Angelica


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Family and Intimate relationships Constance Garnett
David married twice and had four children by the time of his mother's death. His first wife, Ray Garnett , was an artist and illustrator. His second wife, Angelica Bell , was the daughter of...
Family and Intimate relationships Virginia Woolf
Virginia and Vanessa (1879-1961, the eldest of Leslie and Julia Stephen's children), were close to one another throughout their lives. In A Sketch of the Past, VW recalls that after the death of their...
Friends, Associates Virginia Woolf
Early members of what VW called Old Bloomsbury (to distinguish the original members of the group from later additions) included Virginia and Vanessa Stephen , Leonard Woolf , Clive Bell , E. M. Forster ,...
Occupation Virginia Woolf
In October 1928 VW addressed in turn the students of the two Cambridge women's colleges: first Newnham , then Girton . She developed these lectures on women and writing into A Room of One's Own...
Textual Production Virginia Woolf
She travelled with Vanessa and Angelica Bell to Cambridge, where she stayed with Pernel Strachey , Principal of Newnham.
Textual Production E. M. Delafield
In the year of this publication, 1935, Virginia Woolf wrote to her niece, Angelica Bell , I've been seeing E. M. Delafield who writes The Provincial Lady: she is called Dashwood really; Elizabeth Dashwood; and...


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