J. G. Ballard

Standard Name: Ballard, J. G.


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Intertextuality and Influence Deborah Levy
By 2018 DL had written three books in Celia Hewitt 's garden shed, an inviolable space where nobody was allowed to disturb her.
Levy, Deborah. “’What’s the point of a risk-free life?’—Deborah Levy on starting again at 50”. theguardian.com.
She mentions her debts to women writers like Marguerite Duras , Virginia Woolf
Literary responses Christine Brooke-Rose
Thru was her own favourite among her novels, but she said it was also the one that even [her] fans get most wrong, not because of the typographical difficulty but because they ignore the explanations...
Reception Beryl Bainbridge
Reviews were excellent, but BB was astonished when they treated this as a funny book.
“The Times Digital Archive 1785-2007”. Thompson Gale: The Times Digital Archive.
(4 November 1978): 14
Karl Miller , a steady admirer of her writing, hoped Bainbridge would get the Booker Prize...
Reception Anita Brookner
There was some astonishment in the media when this novel won the Booker Prize (although it was up against J. G. Ballard 's Empire of the Sun. The book itself significantly boosted AB 's literary...
Textual Production Emma Tennant
During the 1960s ET wrote for magazines like Queen and Vogue. She was founder-editor of Bananas, a journal of new writing that ran from 1975 to 1981 and attracted contributors like Angela Carter


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