Margaret I. Cole

Standard Name: Cole, Margaret I.


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Literary responses Beatrice Webb
H. G. Wells caricatured her (along with Sidney, of course) in The New Machiavelli as Altiora Bailey.
Briggs, Julia. A Woman of Passion: The Life of E. Nesbit, 1858-1924. Hutchinson.
Her reputation has been first and foremost the political one which she shared with Sidney: as...
Textual Production Clemence Dane
CD , with eleven more members of the Detection Club (including Dorothy L. Sayers , Agatha Christie , G. K. Chesterton , Anthony Berkeley , Freeman Wills Crofts , G. D. H. and M. I. Cole
Textual Production Judith Kazantzis
This remarkable anthology brings to a wider audience poems by many otherwise unknown writers, as well as by, for instance, Vera Brittain , Edith Sitwell , Nancy Cunard , Cicely Hamilton , Rose Macaulay ,...
Textual Production Naomi Mitchison
NM 's well-known contributors included Dick Mitchison , John Pilley , Margaret Cole , and W. H. Auden . The project was born during the run-up to the 1931 election.
Benton, Jill. Naomi Mitchison: A Biography. Pandora.
Mitchison, Naomi. You May Well Ask: A Memoir 1920-1940. Gollancz.
Textual Production Beatrice Webb
BW 's second autobiographical volume, Our Partnership, appeared posthumously, edited by Barbara Drake (her niece) and Margaret I. Cole .
Woolf, Virginia. The Letters of Virginia Woolf. Editors Nicolson, Nigel and Joanne Trautmann, Hogarth Press.
4: 305n
British Library Catalogue.
Textual Production Beatrice Webb
Beatrice Webb 's Diaries, 1912-1924 appeared posthumously from Longmans , edited by Margaret I. Cole , with an introduction by Lord Beveridge .
“The Times Digital Archive 1785-2007”. Thompson Gale: The Times Digital Archive.
(18 June 1952): 8
British Book News. British Council.
(1952): 513
Textual Production Beatrice Webb
Beatrice Webb 's Diaries, 1924-1932 appeared, edited with an introduction by Margaret I. Cole .
British Book News. British Council.
(1956): 379


By late 1931: Twelve certain members of the Detection Club...

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By late 1931

Twelve certain members of the Detection Club (including Agatha Christie , Dorothy L. Sayers , G. K. Chesterton , Clemence Dane , G. D. H. Cole and Margaret Cole ) published a collaborative detectivenovel called...


Webb, Beatrice, and William Henry, first Baron Beveridge. Beatrice Webb’s Diaries, 1912-1924. Editor Cole, Margaret I., Longmans, 1952.
Webb, Beatrice. Beatrice Webb’s Diaries, 1924-1932. Editor Cole, Margaret I., Longmans, 1956.
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