James Harris

Standard Name: Harris, James,, 1709 - 1780


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Education Sarah Fielding
While at SalisburySF attended Mrs Rookes's boarding school there, and was later tutored in Latin and Greek by Arthur Collier . Her lifelong friendships with Arthur's sister Jane and with James Harris (with both...
Friends, Associates Jane Collier
JC was a lifelong friend of Sarah Fielding and her brother Henry (who famously mentioned in a book inscription her understanding more than Female, mixed with virtues almost more than human),
Londry, Michael. “Our dear Miss Jenny Collier”. Times Literary Supplement, pp. 13-14.
and of...
Intertextuality and Influence Sarah Fielding
The Cry concerns itself with burning issues for women, particularly those of intellectual conformity and of vulnerability to slander. Its authors show off their huge reading both ancient and modern, and coin new words with...
Publishing Sarah Fielding
She described herself as the Author of David Simple on the title-page of this and of all her subsequent fictional works. She did not put her name on a title-page until her last book. This...
Publishing Sarah Fielding
The work was dedicated to Lady Pomfret . Its 440 subscribers included many prominent people, reflecting the bluestockings' range of influence as well as SF 's local and family connections: Ralph Allen , Lord Chesterfield
Textual Features Caroline Frances Cornwallis
Now her introduction notes how the study of Latin grammar has produced undesirably latinized English. It goes on to trace the history of language and the relation of oral to written language. A good style...
Textual Production Sarah Fielding
SF worked with James Harris on a memoir, An Essay on the Life and Genius of Henry Fielding, for a projected edition of his works; but it never appeared.
Sabor, Peter, and Sarah Fielding. “Introduction”. The Adventures of David Simple and Volume the Last, University Press of Kentucky, p. vii - xli.


By February 1752: James Harris (friend of Sarah Fielding and...

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By February 1752

James Harris (friend of Sarah Fielding and Jane Collier ) published Hermes: or, A Philosophical Inquiry concerning Language and Universal Grammar.


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