Robert Gould

Standard Name: Gould, Robert


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Friends, Associates Anne Wharton
Another correspondent and writing associate was Robert Gould , best known to literary historians for his misogynist poems; he wrote an elegy on her death.
Wharton, Anne. “Introduction”. The Surviving Works of Anne Wharton, edited by Germaine Greer and Selina Hastings, Stump Cross Books, 1997, pp. 1 - 124.
Literary responses Aphra Behn
The Tory content of this play (with that of The Roundheads) moved the Whig Thomas Shadwell to attack AB as a literary whore. At the same time the same charge was levelled against her...
Textual Production Sarah Fyge
The full title is The Female Advocate: or, An Answer to a Late Satyr against the Pride, Lust and Inconstancy &c. of Woman; the title-page ascribes it to a Lady in Vindication of her...


Robert Gould published a misogynist satire, Love Given O're: Against the Pride, Lust, and Inconstancy of Woman.
Robert Gould published another misogynist satire, A Consolatory Epistle to a Friend made Unhappy by Marriage (A Scourge for Ill Wives).
8 January 1689
Robert Gould licensed his Poems, Chiefly Consisting of Satyrs and Satyrical Epistles: it included The Poetess, aimed primarily at Aphra Behn .
Robert Gould published A SatyricalEpistle to the Female Author of a Poem, call'd Silvia's Revenge, an antifeminist contribution to the Sylvia debate.
Robert Gould published another misogynist satire, A Satyrical Epistle to the Female Author of a Poem Called Sylvia's Revenge.
Richard Ames published Sylvia's Complaint, of Her Sex's Unhappiness, an antifeminist attack following several he had published the previous year.