Richard Ames

Standard Name: Ames, Richard


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Textual Production Mary Pix
MP first appeared in print, with commendatory lines she had written to preface Richard Ames 's pseudonymous Sylvia's Revenge; or, A Satyr against Man.
Clark, Constance. Three Augustan Women Playwrights. Peter Lang.
Blain, Virginia et al., editors. The Feminist Companion to Literature in English: Women Writers from the Middle Ages to the Present. Yale University Press; Batsford.


1691: Richard Ames published two misogynist satires...

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Richard Ames published two misogynist satires this year: The Folly of Love and Female Fireships, or A Satire against Whoring.

1692: Richard Ames published Sylvia's Complaint,...

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Richard Ames published Sylvia's Complaint, of Her Sex's Unhappiness, an antifeminist attack following several he had published the previous year.


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