Frederick Ashton

Standard Name: Ashton, Frederick


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Literary responses Rumer Godden
Sir Frederick Ashton wrote to Godden, The book is beautifully done in every respect with real sensitivity on your part & complete understanding of our medium.
Godden, Rumer. A House with Four Rooms. Macmillan, 1989.
Performance of text Gertrude Stein
GS 's concept of language was inextricably tied to ideas about time and space. On her travels to Italy, Spain, and the United States, she began to think of landscape as a...
Textual Production Rumer Godden
Following Frederick Ashton 's highly successful Beatrix Potter ballet, filmed by EMI , RG published a book entitled The Tale of the Tales: the Beatrix Potter Ballet.
Godden, Rumer. A House with Four Rooms. Macmillan, 1989.
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Textual Production Beatrix Potter
Sir Frederick Ashton produced a sensation with his filmed ballet based on the BP animal stories; dancers in often hot and heavy costumes created the impression through dance of sprightly, charming, non-human movement.
Godden, Rumer. A House with Four Rooms. Macmillan, 1989.
Textual Production Edith Sitwell
Some of the translations had already been published by ES in Wheels.
Clements, Patricia. Baudelaire and the English Tradition. Princeton University Press, 1985.
They were later set to music by Benjamin Britten and became the basis of a ballet by Frederick Ashton . Sitwell...
Textual Production Gertrude Stein
Virgil Thomson had set music to several poems by GS when he asked her to write an opera libretto for him in 1927. She had a longstanding interest in saints, especially Saint Teresa of Avila...


Before she was sixteen Margot Fonteyn (later Dame Margot) danced the leading part with the Vic-Wells Ballet Company (later the Royal Ballet ) in Frederick Ashton 's Rio Grande.
5 May 1956
Sadler's Wells Theatre Ballet company marked its 25th anniversary by presenting a suite of dances choreographed by Frederick Ashton and entitled Birthday Offering.
27 October 1958
The ballet Ondine, danced by Margot Fonteyn and choreographed by Frederick Ashton , was performed at Covent Garden.
12 March 1963
Rudolf Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn danced together for the first time at the Royal Opera House , Covent Garden, in Marguerite and Armand by Sir Frederick Ashton .