Ruth Ellis

Standard Name: Ellis, Ruth


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politics Ethel Mannin
During the late 1930s EM gave financial help to Spanish anarchist refugees. She spoke at public meetings in 1946 in London in favour of a unified Ireland and in support of the Irish Anti-Partition League
Textual Features Elizabeth Taylor
This broaches the themes of mid-life change and relations between the different generations, which ET had already touched on but which were to dominate her work of this decade. The story centres on the second...
Textual Production Shelagh Delaney
SD wrote the screenplay for Dance with a Stranger (which opened on this day), a film based on the story of Ruth Ellis , the last woman to be executed in Britain.
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“Contemporary Authors”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Centre-LRC.


13 July 1955: Ruth Ellis was hanged at Holloway Prison...

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13 July 1955

Ruth Ellis was hanged at Holloway Prison in London for the murder of her boyfriend, the last woman in Britain to die by judicial execution.


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