Ethel Grenfell, Lady Desborough

Standard Name: Desborough, Ethel Grenfell,,, Lady
Used Form: Ethel Fane


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Family and Intimate relationships Elinor Glyn
James Wallace , husband of EG 's sister Lucy , gambled and drank their money away. Lucy finally divorced him in 1889; her mother paid for the divorce with the little money that David Kennedy...
Friends, Associates Lady Cynthia Asquith
LCA 's mother invited to Stanway a wide variety of guests: Arthur Balfour , Walter Raleigh , George Wyndham , Harry Cust , Charles Whibley , H. G. Wells , Evan Charteris , Hugh Cecil
Publishing Viola Meynell
Touched by the death in war of Lady Desborough 's son Julian Grenfell and by his mother's memorialising of him in a privately printed biographical book, VM asked her for permission to write an essay...


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