Samuel Warren

Standard Name: Warren, Samuel


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Literary responses Isabella Neil Harwood
The Times claimed that Kathleeninstantly fixes the reader's attention, and that it was a better book than Raymond's Heroine, with a plot that was both well thought out and well written. The Standard...
Reception Isabella Neil Harwood
Once again a source was identified: Samuel Warren 's Ten Thousand a Year was mentioned as a clear inspiration for INH 's plot. This reviewer, however, in the Pall Mall Gazette, found the book...
Textual Production Catherine Gore
CG became a regular contributor to Blackwood's, recruited, as Margaret Oliphant recorded, by Samuel Warren . Oliphant noted her quickness to learn the going rate of remuneration for her several light articles.
Carson-Batchelor, Rhonda Lea. Margaret Oliphant: Gender, Identity, and Value in the Victorian Periodical Press. University of Alberta, 1998.
Textual Production Elizabeth Helme
EH dedicated this to the Marchioness of Abercorn (later a patron of Sydney Morgan ). A review appeared in January 1804. Isabelle de Montolieu made a free translation of this novel into French in 1808...


23 May 1807
Novelist Samuel Warren was born at The Rackery, in Wrexham, Wales.
October 1839-August 1841
Samuel Warren 's Ten Thousand A Year was serialised in Blackwood's Magazine.
29 July 1877
Samuel Warren , novelist, died at 16 Manchester Square, London.