Judy Grahn

Standard Name: Grahn, Judy


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Family and Intimate relationships Sappho
Since the late 1890s Sappho has been claimed by many lesbian writers, including Michael Field , H. D. , and Judy Grahn , not only as a writing role model but as a crucial forerunner...
Intertextuality and Influence Sappho
Judy Grahn 's critical study The Highest Apple placed Sappho at the head of a lesbian poetic tradition. So too did other late-twentieth-century publications.
Grahn, Judy. The Highest Apple. Spinsters Ink.
politics Adrienne Rich
But in accordance with her insistence on the close links between personal, creative, and social expression, coming out as a lesbian was also, for AR , a profoundly political statement. She later wrote of the...
Textual Production Adrienne Rich
In this book AR continues to reconstruct a feminist literary tradition through such essays as Vesuvius at Home: The Poetry of Emily Dickinson, The Tensions of Anne Bradstreet, Woman Observing, Preserving, Conspiring, Surviving...


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Grahn, Judy. The Highest Apple. Spinsters Ink, 1985.