Marie Lloyd

Standard Name: Lloyd, Marie


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Friends, Associates Naomi Jacob
NJ said one of the greatest influences on her after her mother was the actress Gladys ffolliott .
Jacob, Naomi. Me: A Chronicle about Other People. Hutchinson.
Her friends in the music-hall and the theatre included a roster of distinguished and less distinguished...
Leisure and Society Emmuska, Baroness Orczy
Music was very important to EBO (though she says she had inexplicably little talent), and she gives one of the five books of her memoirs to her musical life. She heard Edvard Grieg conducting his...
Author summary Naomi Jacob
NJ was a highly prolific, popular author, whose profitable writing career began in the 1920s and produced more than seventy books. The greater number are novels, including a notable series detailing for fortunes of an...
Publishing Naomi Jacob
The book that NJ 's biographer Paul Bailey considers the most durable of her works, a life of the music-hall performer Marie Lloyd , Our Marie, was advertised as forthcoming on this day.
TLS Centenary Archive Centenary Archive [1902-2012].
(4 April 1936): 295
Bailey, Paul. Three Queer Lives: An Alternative Biography of Fred Barnes, Naomi Jacob and Arthur Marshall. Hamish Hamilton (Penguin).
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Naomi Jacob
The Overture (which envisages the coming book as the performance of a play) asks, Why should I try to remember anything but the good things?
Jacob, Naomi. Me: A Chronicle about Other People. Hutchinson.
Thus NJ describes her native Yorkshire and her mother's...


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