Christine Wallace

Standard Name: Wallace, Christine


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Literary responses Germaine Greer
A contemporary street-level response, an article written by Robert Greenfield for Rolling Stone in early 1971, gives an idea of the popular impression of Greer in England at this date, before The Female Eunuch had...
Literary responses Germaine Greer
Some critics saw Sex and Destiny as regressive. GG 's unauthorised biographer, Christine Wallace , said that it was widely considered to be second-wave feminism's first big backlash book.
Wallace, Christine. Germaine Greer: Untamed Shrew. Richard Cohen Books.
Gloria Steinem found it disappointingly...
Reception Germaine Greer
This book continued to exert an effect into the twenty-first century: the closing conference of the Perdita Project , held in July 2005 (celebrating twenty years of this and other research endeavours in the field...
Reception Germaine Greer
GG has always sought out controversy and been up for a fight. Her reputation for outrageousness may sometimes have lessened her impact as an activist and scholar. Despite her scorn for literary biography (which she...
Textual Features Germaine Greer
The introduction begins, It is not quite forty years since eliminating menopause was first mooted.
Greer, Germaine. The Change. Penguin.
It moves swiftly into the concept of a fear or hatred of old women, which Greer names anophobia.
Greer, Germaine. The Change. Penguin.


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Wallace, Christine. Germaine Greer: Untamed Shrew. Richard Cohen Books, 1999.