Richard Cromwell

Standard Name: Cromwell, Richard


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Textual Features Mary Carleton
The Case presents itself as a rendering of the truth for God to read, if nobody else. It depicts MC according to several different fictional conventions. In youth she resembles the heroines of the Restoration...
Travel Susanna Hopton
While Oliver Cromwell and his son ruled England, SH 's husband spent a good deal of time abroad (at Bruges, Rotterdam, Antwerp, and Paris). It is not clear whether his wife accompanied him.
Smith, Julia J. “Susanna Hopton: A Biographical Account”. Notes and Queries, pp. 165 - 72.


3 September 1658
Oliver Cromwell died and Richard Cromwell became Lord Protector of Great Britain and Ireland.
25 April 1659
John Evelyn reported a wonderfull and suddaine change in the face of the publique: discontent with Cromwell 's son Richard , and canvassing of other candidates for power.
25 May 1659
Richard Cromwell (who had succeeded his father as Lord Protector the previous year) resigned, leaving the way clear for negotiation with Charles II about restoration to the throne.
January 1661
Fifth Monarchists (who expected the Second Coming and political rule of Christ, and had opposed the Cromwell ian government too) staged an uprising against the new king, Charles II .