Felicity Nussbaum

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Leisure and Society Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
During these years she self-identified as one of an oppressed group: that of old women. Jill Campbell has written about her old age in Defects: Engendering the Modern Body, edited by Helen Deutsch and...
Literary responses Eliza Fay
The Calcutta Gazette gave EF a warm review.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. http://www.oxforddnb.com/.
Barbara Hofland admired her letters for the moral qualities (the female fortitude) they displayed.
Hofland, Barbara. The Captives in India. R. Bentley.
1: prelims
She gave some real incidents and situations from Fay's experience...
Literary responses Phebe Gibbes
Amont recent critics by contrast, James Raven departs from eighteenth-century opinion in judging that it was painfully clear that Gibbes had never been to India,
Raven, James. “Historical Introduction: The Novel Comes of Age”. The English Novel 1770-1829, edited by Peter Garside et al., Oxford University Press, pp. 14-117.
while Felicity Nussbaum argues that Gibbes's heroine in this...
Literary responses Teresia Constantia Phillips
The Thais of the title was an ancient courtesan. Historian Kathleen Wilson says that in JamaicaTCP acquired the nickname of The Black Widow in allusion to her many marriages and her supposedly destructive effect...
Textual Features Eliza Haywood
This magazine has a second supposed author: the parrot, who is male. This creature, born in Java, has seen the world, since its long life has been spent with fifty-five different families successively. Though not...


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Nussbaum, Felicity. Torrid Zones. Johns Hopkins University Press, 1995.