Kathleen Wilson

Standard Name: Wilson, Kathleen


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Reception Teresia Constantia Phillips
The Thais of the title was an ancient courtesan. Historian Kathleen Wilson says that in JamaicaTCP acquired the nickname of The Black Widow in allusion to her many marriages and her supposedly destructive effect...
Travel Teresia Constantia Phillips
Cultural historian Kathleen Wilson notes that she insinuated herself into the upper reaches of Creole society (that of white people born in the Caribbean) and was much appreciated for her poise, refinement, and wit. She...
Travel Teresia Constantia Phillips
Historian Kathleen Wilson observes that in Kingston and Spanish Town, as formerly in London and Paris, TCP lived at both the center and the margins of fashionable high life.
Wilson, Kathleen. The Island Race. Routledge.
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Wilson, Kathleen. The Island Race. Routledge, 2003.