Workhouse Visiting Society


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Publishing Frances Power Cobbe
The pamphlet, FPC 's first of many papers for the Congress, was printed with both women's names in full. It argued that since they were incurably ill, such patients should be removed from the punitive...


1857 or 1858: Louisa Twining initiated the Workhouse Visiting...

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1857 or 1858

Louisa Twining initiated the Workhouse Visiting Society some years after a visit to the Strand Workhouse left her shocked at the loneliness and isolation that the inmates faced.

1858: Louisa Twining became secretary of the newly-founded...

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Louisa Twining became secretary of the newly-founded Workhouse Visiting Society .

1878: Given the increasing institutionalizing of...

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Given the increasing institutionalizing of philanthropic visiting, the Workhouse Visiting Society closed its Waterloo Place offices, considering its work to be done.


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