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Leisure and Society Beatrice Harraden
Annie S. Swan described BH (in connection with the great success of Ships that Pass in the Night) as small, dark, and vivacious. She had her hair cut in one of the first bobs...
Publishing E. M. Delafield
Persephone Books reprinted this book in 2000 with a cover design (a Liberty print of 1896) of thistles designed to symbolise both EMD 's characteristic prickly tone and the thorny path besetting her heroine.
Persephone Books.
Residence Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence
The Pethick-Lawrences divided their time between London and the country. In town they lived in Clement's Inn (on more than one floor, with the most private part at the top), where the rich simplicity in...
Textual Features Mary Elizabeth Braddon
The characterisation of the Constance Wilde figure and her relationship with Lester suggests a more thorough feminist critique of consumerism and women's place within aestheticism. Although the book represents Lester as loving his doting wife...


1875: Arthur Lasenby Liberty opened a shop, the...

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Arthur Lasenby Liberty opened a shop, the present Liberty's , at 218a Regent Street, London, and imported soft oriental fabrics, kimonos, and fans; he also persuaded British manufacturers to print oriental designs on soft...

1894: This year is commonly given as the birth...

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This year is commonly given as the birth of Art Nouveau, a style which arose almost simultaneously in several countries under several names, marked by rich colour and fluid, romantic line.


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