Anti-Sweating League


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politics Clementina Black
CB joined the executive committee of the newly formed Anti-Sweating League .
Banks, Olive. The Biographical Dictionary of British Feminists. New York University Press.
Textual Production Edith Lyttelton
In preparation for writing this play, EL corresponded with the secretary of the Anti-Sweating League , J. J. Mallon , about the labour conditions of women outworkers.
Cockin, Katharine, and Jo Campling. Women and Theatre in the Age of Suffrage: the Pioneer Players 1911-1925. Palgrave.
The play was published before its performance...


1906: The Anti-Sweating League was founded in England...

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The Anti-Sweating League was founded in England to fight for improved conditions and better rights for sweated workers.


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