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Employer Antonia White
As a highly skilled copywriter she was paid £600 a year.
Dunn, Jane. Antonia White: A Life. Jonathan Cape.
She kept working there almost all through her first pregnancy, and after an unhappy interval working for Harrods she went back to Crawfords...
Textual Production Mary Anne Barker
During her years on her New Zealand sheep station, from 1865 to 1868, MAB wrote lively, descriptive letters home to her younger and sole surviving sister Louisa Stewart (later Scott). She also kept detailed records...


1849: Henry Charles Harrod took over the small...

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Henry Charles Harrod took over the small grocery shop of a friend in Brompton Road, London; this was the birth of Harrods department store.

1885: Breaking with established department store...

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Breaking with established department store practice, Harrods began to offer credit to select customers.

1889: Harrods (already a leading retail outlet)...

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Harrods (already a leading retail outlet) passed from family ownership to become a Limited Liability Company, thus beginning a trend which swept up most of the great department stores.

1898: Harrods unveiled its moving staircase (an...

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Harrods unveiled its moving staircase (an early form of the escalator) to great publicity, astonishment, and delight.

March 1909: Harry Gordon Selfridge opened a department...

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March 1909

Harry Gordon Selfridge opened a department store on Oxford Street, London.


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