Band of Hope


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Cultural formation Mary Gawthorpe
MG begins her autobiography with her local identity: I was Yorkshire born. My forebears, grandparents maternal and paternal, were all born in Yorkshire, in Leeds so far as I know.
Gawthorpe, Mary. Up Hill to Holloway. Traversity Press, 1962.
Born English therefore, she...
Textual Features Mary Gawthorpe
MG re-lives the experience of school, and Sunday school, and the teaching career on which she embarked at not yet fourteen. Here again she supplies vivid detail about long-gone objects: writing slates, chronolithographs of Bible...
Textual Production Clara Balfour
The initial version ran to at least four editions and was later revised and re-issued several times. It was originally published by Band of Hope Union , an organization known for its nationwide circulation of...


The Band of Hope , the first children's temperance organization, was founded at a meeting of the Leeds Temperance Society .