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Family and Intimate relationships Frances Bellerby
Two months after her mother's death, Bellerby's husband gave up his academic post and retired to live in a village near Cambridge. He joined the Oxford Group (later known as Moral Rearmament ), became a...
Literary responses Ray Strachey
The influential Times Literary Supplement review, while it found RS 's investigation of her chosen sects fascinating and important as a contribution to the history of religion generally, failed to see the point of using...
Textual Features Mary Renault
The plot of this novel is a simple love triangle. The troubles in the marriage of Kit, a doctor, and his wife, Janet, a bored socialite, are accentuated when Christie, the vivacious niece of an...
Textual Production Evelyn Underhill
EU 's writings about religious doctrine and practice include the historical and scholarly. The Times Literary Supplement warmly praised her most valuable essay in The Meaning of the Groups, edited by F. A. M. Spencer


1937: Followers of US evangelist Frank Nathan Daniel...

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Followers of US evangelist Frank Nathan Daniel Buchman (who had been active in Britain since 1921) took the name of the Oxford Group , to which was soon added the alternative name of Moral Rearmament .


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