Mau Mau


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Family and Intimate relationships Elspeth Huxley
EH 's mother, Nellie , had continued to farm in Kenya throughout the Mau Mau troubles, alone but for her battery of African employees. As she aged and farming became beyond her (and as independence...
Intertextuality and Influence Elspeth Huxley
It was strongly influenced by the Mau Mau struggle. Chatto and Windus had their lawyer Michael Rubinstein vet the script, and he advised bringing in Jomo Kenyatta by name, so that he could not be...
Textual Production Elspeth Huxley
EH published A Thing to Love, a novel about Mau Mau revolution and terrorism (though the Mau Mau are not actually named) in Kenya.
Nicholls, C. S. Elspeth Huxley. HarperCollins.
British Book News. British Council.
(1954): 701
Textual Production Elspeth Huxley
She had spent three months in Kenya studying this system set up by the colonial power to exchange tribal land tenure for individual ownership: an attempt to rehabilitate or revitalise African agriculture—in effect, to repair...
Travel Elspeth Huxley
She found the trip depressing, offering more evidence of political division and fragmentation than of any coherent policy.
Nicholls, C. S. Elspeth Huxley. HarperCollins.
Another visit to Kenya at the height of the Mau Mau rebellion (a propos of which...


20 October 1952-12 January 1960: A state of emergency was in force in Kenya...

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20 October 1952-12 January 1960

A state of emergency was in force in Kenya in response to a large-scale peasants' revolt, known as the Mau Mau Rebellion, among the Kikuyu people.

24 April 1954: In response to the Mau Mau movement's murders...

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24 April 1954

In response to the Mau Mau movement's murders of white settlers in Kenya and massacres of loyalist Africans, the British government retaliated with military force, code-named Operation Anvil.


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