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Material Conditions of Writing Bernardine Evaristo
This book resulted from time BE spent as Poet in Residence at the Museum of London , which at the time was working to replace the misconception that Londinium was ethnically homogenous with a more...
Reception Mary Gawthorpe
She left these papers to her nephew Sidney John Ward (her sister Annie's son), and his daughters donated them to Tamiment Library and Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives in New York City. Other papers...
Textual Production Constance Lytton
CL 's letters and papers are mostly at institutions in London. Her manuscript account of her prison experiences, with other papers, is in the Museum of London . Her letters to Arthur James Balfour


7 October 1999: Conservationists from the Museum of London...

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7 October 1999

Conservationists from the Museum of London opened a Victorian time capsule found in building the new home of the Women's Library in East London.


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