Hanwell Lunatic Asylum


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Family and Intimate relationships Kate Parry Frye
KPF 's husband John Collins, suffering from increasingly severe dementia, was certified insane and admitted to St Bernard's Hospital at Southall in Middlesex, formerly a county asylum for the pauper insane.
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Physician John Conolly popularized the concept of moral management, in his Inquiry Concerning the Indications of Insanity.
By this date Hanwell Lunatic Asylum had introduced therapeutic labour as part of the patient healing process.
1 June 1839
John Conolly became the resident physician at Hanwell Lunatic Asylum ; he proved that a large mental institution could be managed without physical discipline.
By 18 September 1847
John Conolly published The Construction and Government of Lunatic Asylums and Hospitals for the Insane, which likened the asylum to a home with a benevolent superintendent father.