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Publishing Catherine Cookson
During her later career, publishers' celebrations succeeded each other: for 27.5 million paperback sales, then for the first million sales of The Mallen Streak. Soon after her eightieth birthday the rights in ten prospective...
Publishing Catherine Cookson
By the late 1980s, when she was past eighty herself and in precarious health, CC had become an industry that supported a vast empire, with hundreds of people dependent on her for their livelihood. This...
Publishing Mary Wesley
This title had been used by several other novelists. MW had written about Bolt under the title My Hero, in a series carried by the Independent. Her advance for this novel was £30,000...
Publishing Mary Wesley
At this time Transworld made MWthe first serious writer to be sold as though she were Catherine Cookson [whom they also published] in a full-blooded, commercial way. In May 1989 they had reprinted four...
Publishing J. K. Rowling
Rowling submitted her manuscript to one agent who rejected it, then to the Christopher Little Literary Agency , where it was noticed by Bryony Evans , who had the job of opening the post. The...
Reception Catherine Cookson
Cookson 's publishers, Transworld , established the Catherine Cookson Prize, to be awarded annually for the best unpublished novel in the tradition of her books.
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No timeline events available.


Williams-Ellis, Amabel. Wonder Why Book of Your Body. Transworld, 1978.