New Strand Theatre


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Performance of text Catherine Gore
This played at the recently re-opened New Strand Theatre for fifteen more performances after the first.
Gore, Catherine. “Introduction”. Gore on Stage: The Plays of Catherine Gore, edited by John Franceschina, Garland, pp. 1-34.
The following year it opened in New York, where it held the stage for forty years. Eight...


26 January 1832: The New Strand Theatre opened in London as...

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26 January 1832

The New Strand Theatre opened in London as a subscription theatre; it operated for five years without any kind of licence, then re-opened on 25 April 1836 as fully legitimate.

25 April 1836: The New Strand Theatre (opened without a...

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25 April 1836

The New Strand Theatre (opened without a licence in London in 1832) re-opened as fully legitimate, managed by W. J. Hammond and Douglas Jerrold .


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