Coronet Theatre


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Leisure and Society G. B. Stern
As a child GBS had a particular love for the traditional pantomime and for the plays at the Coronet Theatre in Notting Hill Gate.
Stern, G. B. Monogram. Chapman and Hall.
Stern, G. B. Trumpet Voluntary. Cassell.
Occupation Inez Bensusan
Woman's Theatre Week, organised by IB under the auspices of the Actresses' Franchise League , was launched at the Coronet Theatre in London.
Hirshfield, Claire. “The Woman’s Theatre in England: 1913-1918”. Theatre History Studies, Vol.
, pp. 123-37.
Occupation Inez Bensusan
Although the performances received mixed reviews from critics, the venture was a financial success, pulling in a net profit of £442. IB , pleased with the results, began planning for a second season at the...


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