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Publishing Priscilla Wakefield
The Newbery firm, which combined with Darton and Harvey and Vernor and Hood to publish this book, was currently under the management of Elizabeth Newbery .
English Short Title Catalogue.
Shteir, Ann B. Cultivating Women, Cultivating Science. Johns Hopkins University Press.
The twelve engraved plates were an important feature...
Textual Production Maria Susanna Cooper
Her eldest son reported after her death that all the time he was growing up she would be writing, either for publication or for her children, during the evenings; he also reported the oddity that...
Textual Production Florence Dixie
The title-page adds that the poem was written when the author was a child, between 1870 and 1873, and in a short preface she says, I have not yielded to the advice of friends to...
Textual Production Charlotte Lennox
The magazine was published through Newbery , as by the author of The Female Quixote. Its launch was hailed by Charlotte Forman (wrapped in the cloak of a male pseudonym) in the Public Ledger...
Textual Production Susan Smythies
In 1798 Newbery published a book for children in the popular format of autobiography of an inanimate object: The History of a Pin, as Related by Itself, identified itself as by Miss Smythies, of...


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