Phoenix Theatre, Leicester


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Material Conditions of Writing Sue Townsend
As a single mother struggling with poverty, ST often wrote at night while her children were in bed. She hoarded the results in a box in the cupboard under the stairs, but I knew I...
Performance of text Sue Townsend
ST 's second play, Womberang, written with the writers' group at the Phoenix Arts Centre in Leicester, was produced at the Soho Poly in London.
Blain, Virginia et al., editors. The Feminist Companion to Literature in English: Women Writers from the Middle Ages to the Present. Yale University Press; Batsford.
“Playwrights. Sue Townsend”.
Reception Sue Townsend
The first volume of the diary reached the top of the bestseller lists within a month and sold a million copies within a year. Townsend's obituary in the Telegraph called the diaries the publishing phenomenon...
Reception Sue Townsend
The year after Townsend died, the Upper Brown Street Theatre (formerly the Phoenix Theatre) in Leicester was renamed the Sue Townsend Theatre in her honour.
Garratt, David. “The Phoenix Theatre, Upper Brown Street, Leicester”. The Music Hall and Theatre History Site—Dedicated to Arthur Lloyd, 1839-1904.


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