Nonconformist Churches


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Cultural formation Sarah Savage
SS was a Welshwoman but with strong ties to England, belonging to the professional classes but accustomed to the stigma of Nonconformity in a society where the Established Church was a vital plank in the...
Cultural formation Jane Williams
Her writings evince considerable pride in being Welsh as well as a certain chauvinism with respect to the English. Though not a native speaker, she learned Welsh while still young. She had prominent Nonconformist ancestors...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text John Oliver Hobbes
The clash between Nonconformist and Roman Catholic faith dominates this book. While Hobbes was said to be privately hostile to the protestantism in which she was raised, the novel is relatively balanced in its exploration...


15 March 1672: Charles II promulgated a Declaration of Indulgence,...

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15 March 1672

Charles II promulgated a Declaration of Indulgence, repealing all penal laws in force against nonconformist s or recusants in England. This was, however, withdrawn after a year.


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