Royal British Nurses' Association


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Occupation Kate Marsden
At about this time, she also received the Royal British Nurses' Association 's silver medal, presented by Princess Christian (Queen Victoria's fifth child, known in her family as Lenchen).
Baigent, Elizabeth. “Kate Marsden: 1859–1931”. Geographers Biobibliographical Studies, edited by Hayden Lorimer and Charles W. J. Withers, Continuum, pp. 63-92.


10 December 1887: Mrs Ethel Fenwick, with twenty-nine hospital...

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10 December 1887

Mrs Ethel Fenwick , with twenty-nine hospital matrons, officially named and founded the British Nurses' Association ; this was the first organized attempt by nurses to improve the status of their profession.

1889: Matron Eva Lückes published the pamphlet...

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Matron Eva Lückes published the pamphlet What Will Trained Nurses Gain by Joining the British Nurses' Association ? arguing against a national register for nurses.

May 1893: The Royal British Nurses' Association, which...

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May 1893

The Royal British Nurses' Association , which added the word Royal to its name in 1891, became the first association of professional women to be granted a charter of incorporation; however, they were not granted...

1902: The Society for the State Registration of...

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The Society for the State Registration of Trained Nurses was founded with women's activist Louisa Stevenson as president, former Matrons' Council president Isla Stewart as vice-president, and former Royal British Nurses' Association president Ethel Gordon Fenwick


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